Saturday, March 27, 2010

What I've been working on

I took a break from painting for awhile. And now I am feeling the urge again. I was mostly painting small illustration type stuff, you can see some of it all at the bottom of my blog in a handy little slide show.

A few years ago, Larry retired and I was working part time in a little Deli in town. And I wasn't really making any money so I started selling my little paintings on Ebay. Larry joined in and sold a few too. Then Ebay started getting too big for it's britches and a lot of people started calling it "feebay" and I scaled back my listings until I just wasn't doing it any more.

Then summer before last I painted a few angels on large pieces of wood and sold them but still not happy with Ebay, by then a LOT of Artists had moved on and there just isn't the same customer base there. So I stopped. But now I am feeling it again, and will probably start putting a few small ones in my Etsy Shop.

Anyway, this is what I did today. It is mixed media on an old book cover. I am going to add some beads on the bottom and a nice ribbon hanger.

"this magic moment"


  1. You are so multitalented Diane...this is really beautiful!

  2. Nice and talented...I'm not sure we can be friends anymore.

  3. She is beautiful! Are you putting her on etsy? Let me know!

  4. This is beautiful, simply beautiful!

  5. That is so beautiful. You do have lots of talent.

  6. I love this! I want to get into mixed media. I am not very artsy but I wish I was and I love looking at it. I'm stopping by from the Ulimate Blog Party. I really like the pics of doggies in your sidebar. I'm in Ohio, too. Nice meeting you.


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