Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What's that Smell? Get Serious. Giveaway.

Get Serious Odor, Stain and Pheromone Extractor for Dogs and Cats.

Little Ricky Pickles has a dirty little secret. He gets called "Mister Pee Pee Pants" sometimes. If he were human, he would be called a "bed-wetter".
Because he would not be walking around at night peeing on things. He would be in the bed peeing on things. But he's not human, so our fan stand got branded and Larry's boots got an endorsement also.

Larrys' boots got the Heeve Ho... they were old and he can stand to get a new pair anyway. The floor fan got wiped down, but Ricky Pickles gets it confused with a tree I suppose. Maybe because Larry made the base out of a scrap piece of OSB that was outside for awhile. Perhaps Ricky thinks he IS peeing outside when he cocks his short little leg and waters it.

Seems no amount of "RICKY NO NO" works. This is said in a loud stern voice. But it's not when he is in the act. He does the act at night, when he can sniff at his leisure, walk around it in circles, take his time, savor the moment. Everyone's asleep, it's his tree. Private tree. He marks it and it works. No one else has dared to challenge his essence. He OWNS that tree.

So I was so happy when my sample of Get Serious arrived for me to try. Get Serious removes odor, stains and pheromones, the nifty stuff that stays around when your pet "marks".
A virtual "calling card". This is what makes them come back again and again to the same spot.

We needed this to stop because we use the fan to circulate warm air from our wood stove. Larry screwed it to a wood base because these three Jack Russells are nuts when they play and we did not want it to fall over on them.
I cleaned the stand and the base really well, let it dry then applied the Get Serious straight from the bottle with a damp cloth. Working into the wood with a squishing motion. Then wiping dry.
We all went to bed. Got up and YAY ! No midnight "tree" tagging. I still was not ready to call it a success though. Ricky Pickles has had other nights when he did nothing but dream puppy dreams, waiting till the morning to go outside and pee. I put some Get Serious in a spray bottle and each night for a week sprayed, scrubbed and blotted. And each morning woke up to a dry fan.

Moving on to the carpet. We have wall to wall carpet in our living room/Larry's studio. It is a beige color and it has some spots. Pee spots. Because no matter how diligent you are, when you have pups and they pee, it stains. We have a carpet steamer and we have tried to steam the stains out to no avail. It looks good when its wet, but then it dries and lo and's a stain.

I applied the Get Serious full strength to the stains,I microwaved it for 30 seconds first, stepped on the rag to mush it in, and scrubbed a bit. I then took a dry rag and stepped on it to blot. YAY ! When it dried, the stains were gone. Whooo Hooo. Enzyme cleaners can cause mold and mildew to form under carpets and padding. Get Serious has no enzymes and virtually "lifts" the stain out.
This product does the job of 2 of those other cleaners and you only have to use half as much (no need to saturate like those enzyme based cleaners). It has also saved people money on many occasions by not having to replace their carpets after really bad pet accidents
Maybe we won't have to replace the carpet this coming year.

Now Get Serious states on their site that they have not tested it in steam machines, but they have customers who have good results. So I am doing the whole carpet this weekend. Now that it is warm enough to open windows and have the fans running. They even had one customer use it with success on her husbands pants, on a beet stain.
I also treated an oil stain on Larry's parka before washing and it lifted that Larry is so sensitive to cleaners and I had to give away some laundry stain remover because he could not handle the chemicals in it.
I am proud to report that Ricky Pickles is doing so much better. He no longer has accidents on the carpet. And the fan/tree has been totally dry since the applications of Get Serious.

Win Some ! :

The generous folks over at Get Serious have offered a sample pack to one of my readers.

MANDATORY ENTRY: Please do this one first before any of the Extra Entries.

  • Tell about a tip or trick you used to get rid of a stain or a funny story about your pet and a stain. (or a funny one about your husband/wife/partner/friend and a stain) 2 entries
  • Follow my blog over on the sidebar through Google...PUBLICLY. - 2 entries
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Giveaway open to US residents. 18+ Ends Midnight April 19th.
Get Serious will mail the winner their package.
(I received a bottle of Get Serious for Dogs and one for Cats for review purposes. All opinions are mine. I liked this product, so I wrote about it.)


  1. As another jack russell owner, I know how determined they can be to do things their way - so I'm delighted for you that you found something that works !
    I can just imagine all three playing now - I bet its a lovely sight :)

  2. I could use this with a house full of cats :)

    I found out on the web site that if you warm Get Serious up in the microwave it works on tough stains. Interesting!


  3. I like the idea that Get Serious will remove the pheromones to prevent re-visiting. We have two dogs now and the younger one is our first male. He's house-broken but apparently gets a little too excited when we play fetch. Boomer brings me his ball and I throw it into the living room for him. I have gone in afterward and found 'designs' on our carpet, little flowing loops of drops.
    I'm a follower of yours now too.


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