Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A few Freebies and Giveaways. Alice in Wonderland Tickets !

I was wandering around and came across a few Freebies and Giveaways I thought you might like....

Click here for
A directory of all things Gluten-free. Free samples, products and coupons. Cool site with a directory of restaurants listed state by state. Also a list of gluten free items in the supermarket.

For my Canadian Friends ONLY. A free shopping tote from OceanSpray Cranberry Juice
Click HERE to go there.
___________________________________hope you win !

Free Tree Seeds.
Go to TreeDazzled and leave a comment. They will send 10 free seeds.
This would be a great project to do with a child. If the seeds are not native to your area, you can still have a Bonsai perhaps.

You can go back again every 2 weeks.

Click here to enter for
$250 worth of scrapbook adhesives from 3L and books from Better Homes and Gardens

Time Travelers Wife DVD
Click here to Enter to win without having to join with an account.
Lots of freebies on their main page.


Enter to win Alice in Wonderland tickets + ends 3/8

These are some of the coolest posters.

Grand Prize

* 4-Pack of "Alice in Wonderland" IMAX 3D Movie Tickets (Unrestricted)
* "Alice in Wonderland" IMAX 3D T-Shirt
* “Almost Alice” Album

2nd Prize

* “Alice in Wonderland: A Visual Companion” Book
* "Alice in Wonderland" IMAX 3D Bookmarks
* "Alice in Wonderland" IMAX 3D Poster
Click here to go enter
Make sure to check your email to click and verify your addy.


A Happy Hippy Mom is having a great giveaway for ecosmart safe home get rid of pests stuff.
Check out the giveaway then show some bloggy love and visit the rest of her place.
Visit ecosmart by clicking here
Ends March 13th


Well now no one's REALLY calling anyone an idiot here...but we could all use a little help in a lot of different areas...I know I can.
And here is a whole list of "Complete Idiot" Guides to help.
This Blonde at Still Blonde After All these Years is having an easy giveaway of 10 different guides, covering a lot of those areas.
Nothing like a little Idiot Proofing.
Ends March 13th.


Oh My, Please check out Russells Glass earrings. They are beautiful. Go enter to win and make sure you check out his Etsy Shop.

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