Thursday, March 18, 2010

Total Library Score, You May Be Able to do the Same.

Larry and I live outside a very small town, so the people who work at the library know us. One of the women there has brought in beads for me to use in my jewelry and she orders books for me because she knows my reading habits and knows I will like what she orders.

So this past week when we went, she told me they had put some books on the sale shelf...Cookbooks!

The sale shelf is an area they have set aside with shelves going floor to almost ceiling that holds books they have replaced with newer editions, books that are outdated or have slight damage.
But still great books.
There is an honor box that you can slide a few bills or some change into to support one of the few free public services we have left. ( a pretty wonderful public service)

Anyway, here is the Library Love I scored this past week.

So if you love books, please support your local library. And if you like to collect books, ask if they have a discard cart or a library sale or shelf.

Also another thing I do, I check out books from the library and if I love the book, I go to Amazon or and buy it.
A great way to get a list of books that you may not have heard about like craft books or cookbooks is to go to Amazon and do a search. I search in the book category for "jewelry" and page after page of jewelry making books pop up. I copy down the titles, then go to my library's online site and order the books.
If my local small library does not have it on their shelves, they will order it from another library to be delivered to my library and call me when it comes in, or they can email you.

Now, I'm not saying "kill the Kindle", but it is mighty hard to curl up in bed with your four year old and look at the pretty pictures in a book when they are on a 5" screen.


  1. You did well at the library sale! My local community centre used to have a bookshelf that was a "give some - take some" I loved that! Some of the local coffee shops have those too..... which reminds me -- I haven't sat in a coffee shop and read a book in a long long time.... (I actually don't drink coffee... just tea -- and I can make that tea last for hours......

  2. You did score! I look forward to seeing your creations....

  3. Great point you make about the power of books vs kindle (oh, and Happy SITS Sharing Saturday!)

  4. Thanks for posting on my Blog. Sorry about the typo..I'm using the cranky laptop, and need to be more careful about spell checking. LOL

    Love your comment about books vs. kindle. There's nothing like the power of holding a book and high lighting! Happy SITS Sharing Saturday!


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