Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour No Sweat Here.

So did you turn your electricity off? Or just the lights? Or did you just have it all going as usual but you thought about turning it off?

We turned it all off, but mainly out of respect. Respect for those who did turn it all off and had a hard time being without it.
We don't mind, and kind of like it all off. And as far as calling attention to climate change, well I'm not sure what effect one hour is going to have an attention to the concern.
I try not to debate politics on my blog. I have places I go to do that.

When I met Larry he was living in a tipi and building a house in Vermont. After I left then went back almost a year later he was living in the house. There was no electricity, running water or telephone. It was in the woods. And here we are 40 years later, in the woods of Ohio.
We do have electricity and phones. We do not have county water or sewage.
And when we first came out to these woods, we lived in a tent for 3 months camping first on a friends land while we searched for our land. Then we moved our tent here while we cleared an area for our house and started building.
We had a nice set up, tent on a wooden platform, mattresses on the tent floor, a grill and a nice camp stove, kerosene lamps, a shower made with a 5 gallon camp shower bag hung in a tree, the stars and the crickets. We don't need no stinkin' electricity.

I admit we do like having it though. But like the previous winter when a snow storm hit hard and a tree pulled the power line off our house and we could not get them out here for 10 days. We didn't freak. I keep a well stocked pantry. And we have a screened in porch so food can stay cold and away from the wildlife. We heat with a wood stove that we can also cook on.
And I welcome the break from the phone, the internet and the TV. Larry plays guitar, we both sing, love to read and we love to talk with each other. We also use the kerosene lamps at times for a break from electric lights or candles if we are feeling romantic.

So to us, an hour is no hardship, but we respect those who have a hard time with an hour. And we hope that an hour can teach a lesson. Now, anyone up for a month?
(painting of Owl by Larry)


  1. I could do no electricity for a month -- but I'd need the gas or I'd freeze to death. And I have a gas stove. I live in the middle of the big city, so I don't have a wood stove. We did live for a month without gas (2 years ago)when I bought the house. Luckily it was May (still a bit cold)and we have a gas water heater too. A Cold shower in a cold house really isn't fun. Anyway -- I did earth hour by candlelight -- we toasted marshmallow and played cards.

  2. Maybe it could be a regular thing. Like a lot of people eat meatless once a week. Turn off the lights and phone and tv one evening a week.
    Play games, or tell stories, sing, talk. Or go outside and stare at the stars, have a bon fire.
    I think it would be great for families.

    Yeah, cold water showers are no fun. I loved the shower bag. We lived in the house for almost ayear before we had all the plumbing in and a pressure tank to push it from the well through the lines. So we would heat the water on the fire then funnel it into the bag.
    It felt so good to have a hot shower at night after building all day.
    Gosh, we are sooo back woods...hahaha


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