Thursday, February 17, 2011

Facebookin',shoes and sharks

Facebook been berry berry good to me. (Old SNL joke).

I have reconnected with some old friends and family members of the foster kind.
Also some old classmates. One of my classmates from my time at Oak Hill Academy boarding school and I are doing a seed swap. She actually owns a tree farm and we got to talking about my greenhouse and heirloom seeds.
Today, this came for me and it is just the bestest package of seed I have ever recieved.
Look at all those little envelopes filled with future deliciousness. There are fruit tree sedds, nut tree seeds, herbs and vegetables. And some flowers. She also sent a bag of black walnuts to eat, and some of her favorite recipes to use them in.
And a sweet card with a pup and a kitty on it. Thank you so much Elaine. I'm so happy to have gotten in touch.

Went to the big city Tuesday and bought these on clearance. I'm rockin' now baby.
Danckins, hey for 11 bucks I'll teeter around like I've been drinkin' till I get used to them, heck I teeter around for a lot less than that deal.

Okay now ya gotta hand it to this guy, He lost his arm, probably to a shark. Now did he just mope around feeling like "oh I lost my arm, I'm gonna hide my hideous stump?" Nooooo
He totally OWNS that shark !

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Erma Sez......

"These earrings look so juicy, I could just pop them in my mouth".

A few months ago I was flipping through a beading magazine and saw an ad for these lucite beads that just popped off the page. The color was so rich and vibrant.

I immediately thought "I wonder if I can get them in a rainbow pack".
And golly gee if they did not have them packed just like that.
Orange, blue,deep pink, light pink,green,yellow and white.
Bad thing was they have a minimum order or they throw an extra charge on there, and their shipping was high. But I had to have them so I ordered. They are gorgeous.
Good thing is, I have been seeing other lucites that are pretty juicy too.
They are fat beads, but being lucite, they are light. Even when paired with all brass findings as these are.

Erma is sporting "Orange ya glad to see me"? in the first photo. And in the second she models, "Lollipop Hearts".