Saturday, March 13, 2010

Giveaway Addition. Somerset Studio Mag +

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There is a Somerset Studio Magazine. Corrugated cardboard, a vintage pattern with all the pieces there, a childrens book to alter, Italian book pages, an old art pamphlet 2 collage sheets from Lisa'a Altered Art, various cutouts from magazines and books, mulberry paper, oragami paper, an original vintage song lyric magazine from 1944, a piece of a cicuit board, some silk yarn from an Indian Sari, a switchplate to alter and 3 vintage wooden blocks.

I could not get on here to add stuff for yesterday to the giveaway.
I had the Dish network guys here in the morning, Larry finally got his Big Screen TV...YAY...for him. I could give a crap. HAHAHAHA It's true. I really could live without the TV. I have a few shows I like to watch and I like Fox News, but other than that....phhstttt.
But they had to put in a new dish, and that meant they were here for awhile.
And with three dogs who go apeshit when anyone new comes around, well I had to keep them in the room with me and I cannot lay stuff out to photograph very well. Ricky Pickles just dumped coffee all over me this morning, so that goes to show.
Then after the Dish guys left it started storming here. Lightening and pouring. We turn off the PC's when that happens even though we have great surge protectors we worry, so off it all goes.
It rained most of the day. And last night I started feeling bad, as in sore throat variety bad, I'm better now. Seems my sinuses are acting up.
So without further ado....go enter the giveaway. There are close up pics on the Giveaway Post.

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