Saturday, March 13, 2010

Who doesn't love getting packages? POM, Canada Goodies and a Sweet Owl.

This past couple of weeks I have had some great mail. Yes, even SNAIL MAIL can be great when there are packages involved.

First off, I won a case of POM. Yummmm Pomegranate juice is so cool. Because it's good for you. Tart, but perfect in a spritzer, or mixed half and half with orange juice.
I won over at The Review Broads. this link will take you to one of their fabulous giveaways. They also do movie reviews and have Bro B show up once in awhile with a review of his own.

I had forgotten that I entered to win the juice, so the case showing up was a most wonderful surprise.

And I also received this box. What could it be?

I opened it up and this was inside....

Some CANADIAN Goodies! YAY!

The Sweet ANN from over at AnnOnAndOn had a little contest to caption a photo and I won. Of course I won, it was a photo of her sweetie and their doggy.
Ann is just as cute as she can be. She is creative, funny and she asks "burning questions", the one's that do make you stop and think. Also she hosts a big card swap which I am thinking of joining. And she talks in her sleep. I couldn't resist adding that, as the post about it cracked me up. Thats actually not ALL that was in the box, there was a hard candy maple Leaf and I could not resist it long enough to go get the camera.
Thank you so much Ann. I love my goodies.

Then today I received this darling...

I found Martha Brown's blog m-is-for-martha during the OWOH blog event and fell in love with Andy, her doggy. He just looked so sweet in his new sweater I had to leave a comment.
When all was said and done with OWOH, Martha Brown picked extra random winners and I was lucky enough , because of my Andy comment, to get in on the action.
So Martha Brown sent me this darling little owl WHOO is now hanging in the little purple room. A published artist and a great blogger, please check Martha Brown out.
(I just like saying "Martha Brown")


  1. You're so funny, lol. I like the idea that he's a pocket owl! And your puppies are the most adorable ever! (I wish that they could meet my Andy!)
    ~martha brown ( I never sign with my full name, it looks strange. but I've done it for you :)

  2. You are just tooooo cute! Thanks for the sweet words!


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