Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I won a big box of CRUNCH !

(I am finally back to blogging after a nasty eye infection. All better now. I will be opening my Etsy shop in a few days and having a nice giveaway right here on this here blog. Thank you to those of you who sent emails and comments wishing me well)

I entered a nice Giveaway a few weeks ago over at Erin's site , Snafood and I won a selection of snacks from Good Health Natural Products. Erin has some great recipes on her site. She posts about her successful outcomes and her "snafood's". On Monday UPS pulled up my drive and out came the man in brown with a big box. SNACKS ! Oh yes, the husband carried them in, I clapped my hands, the dogs did their crazy dance they do anytime I am excited about something or someone breaks our quiet solitude here. The UPS man coming around is a joyous occasion indeed.

Oh what crunchy goodness awaits. These snacks are all made from natural ingredients.
There is a bag each of;
Baked Hummus chips
Peanut butter filled pretzels
Veggie Stix
Veggie chips
Cracked pepper and sea salt chips
Chilein lime chips cooked in Avocado oil
Sweet potato chips
Polenta BBQ corn chips
Cinnamon Apple crisps

Very generous prize.
We have tried a couple of them and WOW, so good. I do not buy a lot of pre-made snacks. Too much, fat and too many things on the labels I can't pronounce. These are a wonderful, tasty and far healthier alternative when you just gotta get your crunch on.

A little blurb from their website that I found interesting
"Good Health® Natural Products has developed a reputation for healthy living and creativity that has always resulted in products that are beyond ordinary! The company began with Veggie Stix® pioneering the veggie snack category of consumer foods. Next came the revolutionary Good Health® Natural Products Olive Oil Potato Chips (another first of its kind) providing the consumer a delicious source of mono and polyunsaturated fats. The Olive Oil Potato Chips definitely made a name for itself as it was recognized on the “Oprah” and “Rachel Ray” Shows. Other recent kudos include GHNP’s Half Naked Popcorn listed as the healthiest popcorn snack in the latest edition of the book, “Eat This Not That,” published by the editor of Men’s Health Magazine."

I like that "Eat this,Not that" book. (checked it out of the library)

Also right now they are giving a code for 33% off case prices and free shipping on orders over 30 bucks. And for all natural snacks their prices are really good ( I was kind of surprised, I'm used to seeing organic snacks way higher in the stores)

Thanks Erin for the great giveaway and thank you Good Health, you both made my families day.

So see internet, people do win these giveaways. It's a fun way to try new things, save money and meet new friends.


  1. LOL Yes people DO WIN! :D Thank you so much for sharing! I'm glad you're enjoying your snacks -- they're SO delicious!

  2. What a wonderful post - and how nice of you to post about your win! I was Erin's partner in crime in the Fall Festival, and I gave away Good Health snacks too - aren't they good?? My winner was so happy as well, and so surprised at the generosity of this company! Thank you Good Health!

    Congrats to you on a super win!


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