Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Somebody IS Listening Out There

When I was a little girl we ate a lot of oatmeal. I still do. I love oatmeal. Larry thinks it's peculiar when I eat it for dinner. Sometimes it's just all I want.

But other times I want cereal. I really enjoy it with yogurt. A bowl of some thick Greek style yogurt with a couple of handfuls of cereal crunched over top, a few walnuts, and some fruit....Heaven in a bowl.
We eat this quite a bit for our bedtime snack.
Cereal with vanilla soy milk is a favorite too, 2/3 cereal to 1/3 milk. I do not like soggy cereal.
Larry is the freaky one when it comes to cereal...he puts ice cubes in his.

You really should not skip breakfast. It can lead to overeating later in the day. Studies also show that everyone, especially children, perform better when they have had a good balanced breakfast.

As my kids were growing, they were allowed to have certain cereals for breakfast.
But I refused to buy most of the ones that were on Saturday morning cartoons. Simply put...they had WAY TOO MUCH sugar in them.
Any cereal with "cookie" in their name just about would set my hair on fire.
And then in the commercial they would have the sugary cereal in the bowl and right there, right next to that cereal would be THE SUGAR BOWL ! AACCKK!!!!

So I am very pleased to announce that General Mills has taken it upon themselves to listen to what smart mothers have been saying for years...."I'd buy more cereal if it didn't have so much sugar in it".
Face it, moms are busy and cereal is way handy. One of my kids first finger foods was cereal. It's fun too. You can learn to count with it, tease the dog with it, throw it on the floor and watch mom bend over and pick it up, over and over and over...

Okay getting back to General Mills, Cheerios have always been a favorite. I'm a Honey Nutter and Larry, bless his heart, is a plain. (with ice cubes)
Cheerios have always been one of the lower amount of sugar cereals.

But GM is making a commitment to lower the sugar content of all its' cereals marketed to children under the age of 12, down to the single digits per serving. The company has already been reducing sugar in cereals while increasing key nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D, and providing whole grain.

So if a bowl of that "Cookie Crisp" ever shows up at our house, I won't have to grab the fire extinguisher to put out my hair.

To check the sugar content of all General Mills cereal so you don't have to clog up the aisle at the store reading all the labels. click here...

To check out an awesome Cheerios BIG breakfast cookie recipe click here

To print a coupon for 1$ off a box of selected General Mills cereals click here

Also, I do so love a company that puts it's money were a mouth is....

10 Ways General Mills Nourished Communities in 2009
General Mills Ends Year with Renewed Commitment to Alleviating Hunger in the U.S. and Africa

General Mills donated a record $91 million in contributions across the U.S. and abroad in fiscal 2009 to ease hunger, advance nutrition wellness, and support K-12 education. The company donated $16 million of food to Feeding America. In the past decade, General Mills product donations have exceeded $168 million dollars. Each year, the company contributes five percent of company pretax profits to communities. In addition, 82 percent of employees volunteer -- leveraging the company's financial contributions. Read more....

General Mills provided my family with 4 coupons for cereal through MyBlogSpark TM, however all opinions, likes and dislikes are from my own big mouth.

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