Sunday, December 27, 2009

Acts of Kindness and Snowballs that Wet the Bed.

"Snowkiss" by Diane W.

One of my favorite poems by a favorite author.

I Made Myself A Snowball

I made myself a snowball,
As perfect as could be,
I thought I'd keep it as a pet,
And let it sleep with me.
I made it some pajamas,
And a pillow for its head,
Then last night it ran away,
But first - it wet the bed!
(Poet - Shel Silverstein)

I love books. I will probably never own a 'Kindle'. Heck, I have never even talked on a cell phone. I've never held one. Until a week ago I didn't know what "STFU" meant.

I find a lot of joy in the simpler things in life.
I like when a very simple thing comes along and it is embraced whole heartedly among so many.
Easy and effective. I really appreciate that.

I came across a story on Fox News that featured Jason Wright, author of 'Christmas Jars', and I found myself smiling because I was watching someone who understood about a simple, easy act of kindness that could literally change someone's life. Something that so many could do.
Filling a jar, bit by bit, with your change at the end of the day.

I went to the 'Christmas Jars' website and read some of the stories, some by those who had left jars for others, some by those who had received jars..I shed a few tears.
Going on over to Amazon to read a few reviews of the book. I was surpised to find some negative reviews. I read them and they revealed that it is a very short book, 122 pages. One of the 1 star reviewers was disappointed that the characters were not well developed, that it was "short on plot"... said " there is no mention of God", I thought about this.

I think no matter what you call it, there is an inner spirit in all of us. When we nurture it, revere it and let it guide us, we are in the light.
When we ignore it, detest it, and go against it, we are not. There is darkness, a black cloud, negativity takes hold.

Although I have not read the book, I felt that spirit, when I saw the interview and when I went to the web site. I felt enough of the spirit to want to find out more.
I thought about just READING the written word versus FEELING the written word.

Seems to me that any story, any kind act, any example by one that can move so many into positive action is a Holy Spirit, no matter what you do or don't call It.

Maybe the author just hopes everyone who is filled with the true spirit of the book, will be writing their own chapters to 'Christmas Jars'.

Larry and I have started a Christmas Jar, a pickle jar actually, and we talked about not counting it when it is full, just giving it, anonymously. Because the amount does not matter.

We talked about how even a tank of gas, can be a blessing. A month of heat, a birthday cake for a child that would not have one otherwise. And hopefully, when the recipient can, they will refill the jar and pass it on.

And this to me, is the true Spirit. Or whatever you might call It.

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