Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've Been Featured on a Blog . Larry agrees I am famous now.

Photo is property of CherChic

One of the sweet commentors in my last giveaway has a shop on Etsy and I checked her out. The coolest eye glass case, complete with a nekid white monkey on the front was waiting for me.
I bought that sucker, and I LOVE IT. I have these huge sun glasses I got when my eye was messed up, they wrap around the whole front of my face and would not fit in any case I have. But they fit in the nekid white monkey. It is fleece inside so no scratchies. Very tough material too so I know it will last for years.
So the other day I saw that I had a convo on Etsy and when I went to check it out, it said Go to
so, one to usually follow directions, I went there. Oh WOW, Claudia made a collage of my jewelry and wrote such nice things.

Claudia makes the cutest stuffed kitties and pumpkins. This is Wylie. What a sweet face.

Photo is property of CherChic

Claudia also makes some way cool eye glass cases with muscle classic cars on them.

Photo is property of CherChic
Her prices are great and you should check her out. I love her avatar. You can feel the joy.

You ROCK Sista !!! You made me feel so special. I love feeling Etsy love.

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