Friday, November 6, 2009

In case you're wondering.

Larry and I hardly ever eat out. Maybe 5 times in the last year. And this would be at a drive thru basically because he is hypoglycemic and at times must have something to eat when his sugar starts to drop.
If we are out all day, meaning a trip to the big city, then he can be in a spot of needing to be revved up. So either we pick up something handy at the grocery store if we happen to be there or we stop at a drive thru.
I really do not enjoy eating out. Yeah , I know that sounds...ummm.. maybe sac religious or something to the effect to some of you...hahaha. I know the 'sisterhood of dinner reservations' may not approve, but I am so squeamish (weird) about who fixes my food.
But then again, we never get sick. Never get those colds, flu's, "must of been something I ate" trips to the potty...
Nope, not in 9 years have I had anything I could have picked up by someone else touching my food or by me touching a door knob. Yes, that's right internet, I never touch door knobs. Or counters, and I avoid public restrooms unless it's unavoidable. I'm not a germaphob though. Come look at my house, hahaha. Proof is in that pudding believe me. I love worms and frogs and I even bait my own hook. I often garden without gloves cause I love to feel the dirt. It's just other people I have a problem with.
I hold my breath inline at the store or the bank if someone sneezes. I wash my hands as soon as I walk into the house after being in public, especially after handling money...dirty money.
I have a bottle of sanitizer in my purse. And at my last job, I told the pharmacist to send another tech home who was sick or I was going to take the day off.
So why am I blathering on about this?
Because never get sick with cold's, flu's or "must of been something I ate" bathroom visits. But I do get a freaky thing that happens with my eyes every few years and that is why I have not been posting. The inner layer of my eyelid peels off and is very painful, like I have a big chunk of glass in there and as soon as some peels out, more replaces it. Nothing helps. I have to let it run its' course. So hot compresses, eye lube, eye wash, sleep,aspirin and cheap sunglasses are my relief.
I'll be back soon.


  1. I have never ever heard of that. It does sound incredibly painful! I hope it ends soon. Take care!

  2. that sounds horrible, please get well soon!


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