Friday, July 3, 2009

A funny memory of furry hero's.

Larry and I have two Jack Russells. Jackeddy and Mikeddy they are the funniest doggies I have ever had.

We have to spell so many words because they have such list of words they understand and if they hear "cookie or bye bye or treat or outside or dinner or truck or cheese or ......" well the list goes on,they become uncontrllable nut cases.
We had two mice in the house last winter and the boys stayed up all night stalking them. We went to bed when we couldn't catch them with the plan of going into town the next day to get traps since a feral cat stole ours from under the house complete with dead mouse and the 12" piece of 2x4 it was nailed to. we saw it going across the yard dragging the board.
Anyway, when we got up the next morning the boys were still in the kitchen running back and forth sniffing under everything.
They were wore out but NOT giving up. I put food down for them but they were way too busy.
I spotted the mouse ( I still thought we only had one) run under the table where there were one gallon paint cans lined up against the wall. Mikeddy was right there so I said "get ready Mikey' I reached back and scooted the can to the side and he lunged forward and grabbed it. Of course now that he had it in his mouth and still being only 6 months old, he had no idea what to do with it.

Jackeddy to the rescue, Mikey dropped it and Jack grabbed it. I grabbed him as I did not want all the (gory description deleted here) all over the floor. I had the tail, and I had Jack by the snout and I"m saying "Jack, drop it" over and over....
No way, he's not going to drop this tasty morsel he has been hankerin' for all night. *What is she CRAZY? telling me to drop it...*(well this is what I think he was thinking).
We're in this little power struggle here and he's not in walks THE ALPHA DOG, otherwise known as LARRY. He looks down at Jack and says "Jaaack".
Jack drops the mouse.

Now while this is going on, Mikeddy is going nutz over on the other side of the room. Yep, another mouse. Larry takes the first one outside. And Jack joins Mikey in pursuit of the second one.
They corner it behind a cabinet then it runs across my feet into the bathroom and under a big closet we have in there.
The closet is kind of a pantry until we move the woodstove and build more cabinets in the kitchen so we keep canned goods in one side of it. I open the door and Jack runs under the first shelf.
I move cans around until I spot the mouse and he jumps backwards behind the shelf and down to where Jack is waiting. Jack nabs him.

Larry and I were talking about all of it after things quieted down and we were both happy there were two of those little boogers. Jack and Mikey both got to be a Hero. Such good Boys.


  1. What good pups you have (and cute too)! And here I was thinking that cats were the best for catching mice.

  2. Thanks Holly, we went back and got Mikey for Jack to have a buddy. They are second cousins.
    Our cat Sambo is a great mouser too. I will do a post on him soon.

  3. We have to spell the word Cookie,too. Our dog Vinny, would love to catch a squirel. It was pretty easy to train him to use the bathroom outside. Half the time he hates the cat,Salem. Its a love hate relainship. If the cat moves,he chases her if the cat lays down he won't bother her. lol


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