Friday, July 3, 2009

Eggs anyone? And a lizard on the side.

Never know what you might run across in this neck of the woods.
I was digging in one of the raised beds and came across a big handful of snake eggs. A bit bigger than a jelly bean, not as tasty I'm sure (unless you're a weasel, the other yellow meat) but a lot more leathery. Here are the eggs with my hand shovel next to them, so you can see the size.

We have quite a few snakes around here and a few years ago one ended up in our bathroom ceiling. It was coiled up under the plastic vapor barrier on this side of the insulation. We had not finished putting up the ceiling in there at the time.

So there I was, groggy eyed, first thing in the morning just a sittin' there and what to my wandering eyes did appear? A coiled up 3 foot yellow bellied diamond backed sleeping snake right over my head.
Got Larry, a bbq fork, a big bucket, a knife and a bunch of nervous courage. I held the snakes head with the fork up against one of the ceiling joists through the plastic, I slit the plastic behind the snake with the knife and Larry held the bucket up there with one hand and reached in and grabbed the snakes tail with the other.
We tried to get him but he was so strong and we were tripping over each other trying to hold heads, tails, buckets, bbq forks and knives...well, it got away, only to disappear in the wall. We figure he can maybe get a few mice here and there so more power to you snakey snake.

My pet spider in the greenhouse has developed one BIG BUTT, She is a busy gal (?) trapping bugs and keeping watch. My pic of her is blurry so I will take another tomorrow and put it in a later post. But she is doing great.
Here is a little newty looking lizard that was in the greenhouse in a bucket. Larry was rooting around looking for something and there it was he brought it up to my window so this picture is through my studio window. So cute.

Larry put it over in a corner of the yard where it should be safe. I would have left it go in the greenhouse but it's so little and I worry there would not be enough bugs in there for it.

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