Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2.00 coupond doubled to 4.00

I came across a post while surfing around that said there would be a doubling of coupons that had a face value of up to 2.00.
Thus, 2.00 = 4.00 off.
1.00=2.00 off and so on.
And it gave the Ohio locations of the K-marts doing this. Well it so happens that there is a K-mart about 32 miles from here so I started rounding up coupons.
Now I do not buy a lot of pre-packaged food, and we do not use a lot of fancy toiletries. No air fresheners, or fancy cleaning supplies. Larry used to paint cars and motorcycles and ended up with some respratory problems so scented candles and the like are things we cannot use. Plus we don't like the idea of breathing in chemicals anyway.
But we do use toothpaste and shampoo and razors...things like this.
We also donate to Highland County Humane Society Animal Shelter. and we use pet food and treat coupons to get things for them. So I do clip coupons when I can.
We however do not receive a newspaper so they are few and far between. However I am learning about online couponing so I will do a search for coupons that we can use. So the point to this post, and I do have one, is that I rounded up what few coupons I had and we went to that K-mart and I came home with 48.55 worth of items from them for only 19.17.
And the cashier says they will take the printed coupons so thats what I will be doing tonight. Hunting and printing and going back there by the 11th, yes that is the last day. So you may want to check and see if your K-mart Super center is doing this in your area. Investing in your pantry is very wise especially these days when those grocery prices seem to go up every time we shop.
Plus we are trying to lay in at least a 6 month total food supply, just in case.
I had Irish Spring body wash coupons we would not use so I left them on the shelf for someone else, I do that all the time.
I used to live close to a store where they had a big bin up front with tons of coupons but it took forever to stand there and go through them, so I just leave the coupon by the product if I am not going to use it. Just a little RAK, good karma and all that.


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