Saturday, February 6, 2010

SNOW DAY Pictures !!!

Here in southern Ohio we did get a bit of the white stuff. Just took a few pics out in the yard today. A pretty lazy day which has afforded me time to make more rounds of the blogs participating in One World One Heart blog event. There are about 1000 bloggers signed up now. So go to the post below enter my giveaway so I know you've been here then click the link or the poster and check them out. So many great blogs, I get lost in thing I know I've been there for at least 15 minutes to an hour.

I love St. Frances of Assisi
Total SCORE from Big Lots for 3 bucks.
The trail to our back woods. I love how this looks with the archway.
Old rusted springs from box springs. Going to brace up and plant morning glories on this year.
My clothes good. Well, depends on the day. Not today so good.
Across the road from us. Anyone want to buy it and build a house there? Any Artsy, earth lovin', bonfire drummin', from scratch cookin', growin' yer own damn food person wanna? Move HERE... PLEEESE.
Turn out of our place, turn right.
Head out of our place and turn left.
One big mess o' dogs. Poor Larry was trying to hold them while I snapped pictures.
This is looking up our driveway, that is a workroom/exercise room in front of the truck. Over behind the fence you can see part of the house.


  1. Gorgeous snow photos! We didn't get ANY in Connecticut (I'm sad because I do love snow). Looks like your dogs enjoyed it quite a bit! :)

  2. The way those trees are coated is absolutely beautiful!!!!

  3. Thanks for dropping by my place the other day to enter my giveaway. Your snow pics are very cool. Now I need to check out your blog. Have a great weekend! Nan

  4. Hi Diane,
    I turned left at the pigs and found three dogs in a snowy fairyland. Oh, wait!! Plus I was introduced to a very kind Saint there too. He was quite fond of the three wriggly ones!!
    Lovely to meet you.

  5. those are some beautiful pics.
    Thanks for stopping by my giveaway. I totally appreciate your words about your sons who still call you, that is so warming to my heart to hear.
    Shona Cole

  6. I came back to sign as a follower and just had to stop and tell you again how much I love your little doggies! They are sooooo adorable!!! Love all of your photos!
    Have a great day!

    (Thanks for entering my OWOH giveaway!)

  7. Gorgeous snow pics - but not as gorgeous as your jacks!

    More, please :)

  8. OH my, I want to buy it and build a place there! Do you take Visa?


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