Sunday, February 7, 2010

3 Day Coconut Cake...Yeah Right.

I love coconut. Gosh, I love just about everything....and that can be a problem and a blessing.
Take this cake for instance. I have been making this for years. The name of it is '3 Day Coconut Cake'. "3 day" because it's actually SUPPOSED to SIT for 3 days before you cut into it.
Therein lies two problems. This cake has never in the 30 years I've been making it, sat for 3 days until being cut into.
Should it sit for 3 days? Yes.
It gets better and better with each passing hour.
The flavor of the coconut permeates the cake and the frosting and it is so much better than Pepperidge Farm Coconut Cake. Which, for store bought cake, I actually like.
But this 3 Day one, I love.
A problem and a blessing.
A problem because I do not have people around to share this with right now, only Larry and I in the immediate, half snowed in, area.
Our neighbor came by and plowed our driveway the other day, but he is getting married soon and is on a big diet.
So it is just us to eat this.
Guess I should not have made it...yeah, right.

3 day Coconut Cake

You're going to mix the filling the night before so plan accordingly. It is worth it.

Your best recipe for a yellow or white or whatever kind of cake you like. Or a cake mix. I use a yellow cake recipe. Lowfat is fine.
But use coconut milk if you can for the liquid. NOT 'Pepe Lopez' cream of coconut. Just plain coconut milk in the can like you would use for a curry. Or just use water.

14 oz. Unsweetened coconut if you can get it. I used sweet.
1 cup sour cream- lowfat is fine.
1 cup white sugar or sucanet or raw sugar
1 cup powdered sugar
12 oz.container frozen whipped topping, thawed- lowfat is fine.

Night before you bake the cake, Mix half the coconut with the sugars and sour cream. Cover and stick in the fridge. Chill over night.
Next day :
Bake that cake however you do. but use a bundt or tube pan or 2 8" round or square pans and cut the tube or bundt into 3 layers. If you do the 8" pans cut each into 2 layers.

Cool completely. Cut into layers.
Remove 1/2 cup of filling and put in bowl, set aside.

Smear filling between layers.

Fold whipped cream into reserved sour cream mixture. Fold gently. Then frost that cake.
Take the rest of the coconut and sprinkle all over cake. Keep in the fridge. Covered.
Now see if you can wait 3 days. (wait at LEAST till late in the evening, 10 hours if you can)


  1. I want to try it!!! It looks so rich and moist! YUMMY!

  2. Oh I just KNEW when I read the name of your blog that I would love it!!!!!

    Thank you so very much for posting these wonderful recipes for our feathered friends. We have a family of cardinals that have been with us for about three years now. Waiting to see Spting weather so they can start working on those babies !
    Hugs, Nancy & Angus

  3. this is hands down the best cake i have ever made!!! soo creamy, lite and moist!!


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