Friday, February 26, 2010

I had a Blast on the Magic Carpet Ride.

Lisa Swifka's done it again, pulled off a rip roaring blogger party that ended up with 1,088 blogs signed up and 40 countries being represented.
Lisa is the Top Hatted Whimsical Bohemian , who had us all on Magic Carpets whizzing around the blogasphere visiting, chatting, commenting, eyeballing and just enjoying one heck of a trip.
Thank you so much Lisa.
During the One World One Heart Blog Event I had the pleasure of winning a few prizes.
However, that was not the reason behind the wonderful event.

It was a chance to travel through the blogosphere and meet other bloggers who otherwise you may never have come across.
I had a great time meeting other people who are wonderful writers, talented artists, great cooks, organic gardeners, jewelry designers, breathtaking photographers, sweet knitters, quirky seamstresses and just a bunch of great people who let me enter their little piece of the planet for a peek into their lives and what they love to do.
Alas, it is over now. But do not despair...I hear tell we will be doing it again next year!!!

I ended up with over 200 comments on my giveaway and a bunch of new followers to my blog...*waves at followers*...
(stay tuned for a totally sweet blog candy giveaway celebrating over 100 followers).

I visited over 150 blogs and I looked at each blog and left a comment having to do with what I saw on their blog. I did not feel it fair to just enter the giveaway and leave.
I had a blast and will be participating next year.

I had the pleasure of winning an autographed copy of Tierra Red by K.P Vorenberg
I can't wait to read this. The reviews and comments I have read about this book make me very excited to start. And seeing how we keep getting buried by snow, I should have time to finish before the weather warms up and I have to start planting. Which is good because a common thread in those reviews was that once started this book is very hard to put down. Please stop by Kathy's blog and check out her memory books, this woman can bead.
And then follow the link on her blog over to her website and check out her necklaces...WOW.
She also sent me the most gorgeous bookmark. A mermaid. I collect mermaids. I love this.

I also won a most endearing four-leaf clover. Now I've been thinking it over and I could use a little more luck, oh yeah. This is also book related, as the sweet Barbara Olivo Cagle who sent me the clover is also an author. She has written a book about being one of sixteen children. The books title is 16 x Mom. A story about her mother raising sixteen children.
Barbara is lucky number 13.

I love my earrings from Shibori Girl. Kate does the most amazing things with polymer clay. Some of her pendants look as though there is a light inside them. Check out her blog. And her Etsy. She is very sweet also. And is encouraging me to roll out my clay (been putting it off) and play. Plus she is pretty funny and we are like sisters in our fear of all things dentistal. She is planning on kicking that Dental Dragons ass though. And she will.


  1. I too had a blast, as a NEW blogger especially, I rec'd 175 comments on my giveaway, and therefore made 2 prizes. I met several folks with near-to-my-life-situations, and similar tastes in art and those that I just admire their art (like beaders and especially the glassworkers) I have become a follower of well over 200 blogs, a handful are on my blog roll, and I plan on rotating them every few months (you're one of them)

    I won 10 OWOH giveaways!! WOWZA, plus the same week, I won a regular blog giveaway, and a PIF giveaway from a blogger on one of my yahoo groups! I have 49 followers right now, which is AMAZING since I only started this blog at the beginning of OWOH...I might do something when I get the lucky 50.
    Congrats to you!

    Pieces of Fate

  2. I'm so glad you like your earrings. Wear them often and be sure to tell everyone where you got them! ;) :)

    Thank you so much for that great comment you left on my dentist post - gave me a lot to laugh about. I'm also a big fan of the gas. :)


  3. Wow - good to hear from you again! I, too, enjoyed One World One Heart so very much. I made so many new friends through it. I will most definitely be back next year. I kept adding gifts to my post because I had not expected to receive so many wonderful visitors. :) It made me so happy to share with all these terrific and extremely talented individuals! I truly feel I have made some lifelong friends. Glad to know that you had a good time as well!
    Theresa :)

  4. Hi, I've given you a Sunshine blog award! Tracy x


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