Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lemonycello and the Blueberry Pancakes

We had a Pancake Day here at the homestead. Blueberry pancakes actually.
This past Tuesday was Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday. The Tuesday before Ash Wednesday when Lent begins.
In many countries Shrove Tuesday is the day of parades and much merriment as Lent is observed with abstinence. The reason for pancakes is that religious families abstaine from eggs and dairy begining Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday. So in order to use up all the eggs, milk and butter...PANCAKES !
I no longer observe Lent, however always the one looking for a good excuse to make pancakes (actually I make them at times with no excuse whatsoever..) I thought Larry and I would join in with Gusto.
Gusto being the Lemoncello of a previous posting.

Years ago (don't ask how many) I hitch hiked out to CA and ended up in Venice Beach. Every week some friends I stayed with would treat me to brunch at a little German restaurant. And every week I would have German pancakes. Very thin, crispy around the edge, rolled up with powdered sugar and lemon sprinkled on. I would butter those babies up, pour on the maple syrup and thank the carballicious Gods for putting me in that exact spot in that exact moment.

Ever since, whenever I have made pancakes, I sprinkle them with lemon juice, in memory of that time. Plus I just love them that way.
Well, this past week when I wrote my Lemoncello post, a friend of mine suggested drizzling vanilla ice cream with it. And I will be doing that very soon. But now I was making pancakes, and I had no fresh lemons and then I remembered what she said about drizzling it...HEY, I know,
add it to the soy milk to make buttermilk for the pancakes, stir it into the syrup....the ideas were bombarding my brain.

And I did it, I stirred 2/3 c of maple syrup together with a tablespoon of Lemoncello, and I added one tablespoon to a cup of soy milk for the blueberry pancakes and then I thanked those carb Gods all over again.


  1. Yum! Everything there looks way too good...I'm coming over! LOL Theresa

  2. *slurp* (That's me, wiping the drool off my chin). There has to be a special deity to pray to when eating pancakes. And these sound so fab, I'm heading out right now to buy vodka and lemons. :D

    Thanks for posting this.



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