Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cool storage Shelves Giveaways

With the way the economy is these days ( and for the past 15 or so years) investing in your pantry is one good way to come out on top. It seems every time we go to the store the bill is higher for the same cart full of items.
Stocking up when there is a good sale, growing our own veggies, buying in bulk, canning, dehydrating, the list goes on of ways to preserve what we are growing or buying today.
But where are ya gonna put it all?
Enter the Cansolidator Pantry. A shelf unit designed to keep a natural rotation of using your canned goods in the order in which they were put up.

I hate digging through the pantry, cans fall over, its dark and I can't see if I have something or if I have run out. I need about 10 of these. BUT I'd be happy to win just one and I and YOU have a few chances at doing just that over at The mommy files. The giveaway for the Cansolidator Pantry ends at 11:59 p.m. PST on Monday, June 29th, 2009.

ORRRR...I need this one.

And right now I or YOU could actually win this big bad boy...WHAT? You say. WIN IT? yep, just click on over to Shelf Reliance's blog and follow the rules to be entered. Could you imagine, storing all your canned goods right there and have them roll right out eager to replace the one you just's type A personality heaven. And pretty doggone neat for the rest of us.

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