Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Greenhouse update and a cool bug

Well it's been almost a week since I have posted so I wanted to get some greenhouse pics on here. We'll start with one of the roses that was replaced by Gurneys. It's a climbing America rose. Dark salmony pink. A light smell. Gorgeous. It's in a pot right now until more landscaping is complete, then I will put it in its permanent home.

That old metal table in the back is my outdoor potting table. Garden Junque very chic and all the rage. Cost a whopping 5.00 at a barn sale. The top opens up to 2 compartments and it has faucets on the front.
Next we have a bed of blue lake green beans, something got in and chewed on a couple of leaves but I brought out my home made "stop yer damn chewin' on my plants" spray and they stopped. If you would like to know what it is:
Neem oil
Orange citrus oil
eucalyptus oil
lemongrass oil
palmarosa oil

teaspoon of the 1st 2... 1/2 teaspoon of the rest into a quart sprayer fill with water.

Here are the Big Bertha peppers. flowers are starting to pop open. I hand pollinate for now but will bring in a few bumblebees when there are enough flowers open on everything.

This is a tomato from seeds my friend Mandy sent me from Plantswap. They are called "Red Robin" and come true from seed saved. A cherry tomato that only grows to about 18" tall but produces lots of fruit. Happily grown in pots outside, or in a very sunny window.

These are a few Fordhook Lima Beans, I am planting another bed of them, did not want them coming all at the same time.

These are some of the yellow straightneck squash on the right and black zucchini on the left. Larry's real happy about these, hahaha (He keeps saying he doesn't like squash but he sure eats it up when its in bread or on his plate with onions and cheese. Or grilled on shish kabobs.

These are my garbage bag potatoes grown in straw. They have really shot up after I took this pic I really packed in the straw around them. You can see how far they have come since my post in May.

Next post I will show the new strawberries and how the tomatoes are doing and my pet spider, she is growing. But here is a little guy I saw on the side of a concrete step in front of the porch...

Oh I wanted to show the little cutting force pot I made. A friend over at plantswap showed us a tutorial she found online and I made one. These are apricot tree cuttings and a rose cutting and one from a pink spirea.

I so want a hydrangea. If I see one while driving around I will stop and ask for a cutting, I'm like that.

Larry is MORTIFIED at how I will just talk to strangers. We were in the store and a woman was stocking a shelf and she asked if she was in my way. "yes" I said. She looked so shocked then started laughing and said that's the first time anyone told her she was in their way and that she really appreciated my honesty...well she asked.

We have those 16 barrels behind the work shop but built this scaffold to hold a few more down by the greenhouse. We are installing a sink and a shower inside so this will gravity feed the water in.

Well thats all for now. Until next time Happy Gardening.


  1. Your plants look amazing! I never knew you could grow potatoes in trash bags full of straw, that's very clever.

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog, I love yours too! I also appreciate you entering the giveaway- especially now that I know you would put those gardening items to good use!

  2. Congrats on the plants doing so well!


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