Monday, January 31, 2011

One World One Heart Blog Event

CLOSED. Heidi # 142 from Digital Misfit is the winner of the door prize.

It's that time of year again peeps, time to wing our way around the blogosphere. Stop in and look around. Introduce yourself and say something about each others blog. A worldwide event to bring us bloggers a bit closer and to share a piece of each others hearts.

Lisa over at A Whimsical Bohemian has generously hosted this event each year and this will be the fifth and final year. So please try to visit as many blogs as you can, and please visit HERE to read the rules about this event and a link to all the fabulous blogs all ready to be visited.

Here is a bit about what we are doing :

"One World One Heart is a worldwide event for bloggers only. It gives all those who blog a chance to meet and mingle and form connections with those they may not have otherwise met from all over the world. In the past 4 years this event has grown to over 1,000 participants with lasting friendships (and even one love connection) formed along the way. Think of it as a GIGANTIC open house allowing you to travel without ever leaving your home........going from blog to blog(in various countries) seeing the wonder each one has created and meeting all the fabulous people behind those blogs. As a bonus each blogger participant will offer up a "door prize or prizes"....just for dropping by, saying hello and seeing their world. It's really that easy."- Lisa

Last year there were hundreds of blogs signed up you could visit and I got to a few hundred but could not make it to every one, this year I have a personal challenge to try again.

Sooo please look around my humble blog, I took a bit of a break from posting for awhile, but I am back.
My blog generally deals with our life out here in the woods. We have 4 Jack Russells, and there is my husband Larry and me, Diane.
We live in a house the two of us built and we try to live as richly and frugally as possible.
I am an artist and I also design and create jewelry. I love to cook, although I am a low carber mostly now. We also have a garden every year and I grow in my greenhouse also.

For my fellow bloggers I am sharing a chance to win this necklace, "Have a Little Heart"... thank you for stopping by and please leave a comment about my blog to be entered for a chance to be picked by random number generator. Please be sincere in your comment, and please do not cut and paste the same "hello, I like your blog, bye" comment on each blog.
We be VISITIN' don'tcha know.
Oh, and if your contact info is not active on your profile, leave it in your comment....let the winging around commence...


  1. Hi Diane,
    Thank you for stopping on by my blog "The Year of the Cats" and saying hi. I am really looking forward in getting to know you better. I also am very interested in living as green as possible and I adore J.Russell terriers. How wonderful you're living in a house with your husband that you created. Your giveaway necklace is just gorgeous, so please do enter me for the chance to win please. And I must stop by your Etsy shop, as I see a few pieces that are definitely calling to me ;)


  2. Okay, jeez.
    I am a LITTLE drunk, maybe. I think we will be friends because I got your email and it cracked me up.. but you know, after wine and all of these typos, it doesn't take to much to crack me up.
    You let me know - if I am coherent, we'll keep messaging and send one another stuff.

  3. Greetings from Virginia, US. Lovely necklace. Thanks for your giveaway. Please feel free to check out mine.
    Listed as participant #523 on OWOH list
    avennett at verizon DOT net

  4. thisis lovely! please add me to the draw and feel free to fly in to visit my blog if you get a chance.


  5. Hi Diane. The name of your blog immediately caught my eye! (my sister's house is a right-turn from a farm with pigs). Thank you for opening your Blog doors to me. Your lovely jewelry inspires me!

    If you have a chance, stop by and visit me.

  6. Wow... you've got a beautiful heart! :) Someone, somewhere is going to be very happy with your lovely giveaway...I can only dream it's me! :)

    OWOH is a great trip around the (blog)world! I enjoy it!!

    Sweet greetings from Belgium,
    Saskia :)

    (nr214 on the list)

  7. Your own greenhouse, you lucky girl! Your necklace I would love to win. It was nice to get to know some about you. I hope you will get to stop by and visit me as well
    ImGirl #309

  8. Hi Diane, long time no chat! good to see you again, hope you and Larry and the furbabies are all good!
    Lovely necklace you are offering, please count me in, and come visit!

  9. Your "Have a Little Heart" necklace is beautiful :) I also think the name of your blog is fantastic (the fact that is actually directions to your house - even better!)

  10. Hello,
    I'm hopping around the world tanks to OWOH !!!
    Love your prize, and I would looooove to win.
    Thanks for the chance.
    Lots of greetings from Belgium.

  11. What a fun blog--love the name!

    If you get a moment please visit as I am also participating:

  12. Diane...My heart skipped a beat...I really, really, want a little more heart. I'm not sure if I want it for me or for one of my future Spirit Figures...but it's calling.
    enjoy the journey...and thank you for the kind comments on my blog and for following...xo

  13. What a beautiful piece Jodi!!
    It's great to meet you. Please add my list to the hat!


  14. So glad our paths have crossed through this event. Hope you are having fun! BTW...Gorgeous giveaway!

  15. It is nice to meet you - and I really DO love that heart necklace.

  16. Yea! So glad to be here. You have an awesome blog! Come check mine out sometime. Thanks for entering me!

  17. Hallo, nice to meet you
    Thank you for giving us the chance to win your great doorprice.
    This is really beautiful.
    Please count me in.
    Come visit me on my blog,I join the OWOH- event too.
    Regards from Germany and happy OWOH

  18. Pretty! I enjoyed visiting your blog, and I hope you will visit me, too!

  19. Hi Diane--JDC here.

    Love your critters and the other blog too. Your post about your hubs was somethin'. My spousal unit is one of a kind, too, and I am lucky to have him.

    Anywhoo, sign me up for your luvelly prize, please, or send me the box of library knobs instead! (Okay, half the knobs? I'm making wooden dolls now!)

    I'd love to yabber with you about paper clay and sculpting. I'm still sort of new at it, but learning fast. (This is in direct proportion to mistakes made.)
    Be well.

  20. What a wonderful way to get a blog name. I love it!

  21. Thanks for stopping by my blog, MakeMineLemonade. It's nice to meet you. I love your necklace - and the name of your blog too! I'll be stopping by again - Laura

  22. Diane ~
    I enjoyed reading about your life but must admit that after I read you have 4 JRs, it was all I could think of ~ I adore Jacks and really want to have one some day. Your jewelry is so fabulous and I would love to win your give away. Thanks for having the kind of blog one can visit over and over again. Thanks for visiting my blog! Blessings my friend ~ Katie

  23. I love your blog name!


  24. Greetings!...So pleased to visit your lovely blog. I am a Canadian Mixed Media and Digital Artist and look forward to meeting a new friend. I hope you will visit my blog as well. or #230 on the OWOH list.

    Thank you for including me in your wonderful gift draw.

    Hugs, Gayle
    my blog:

  25. Hi Diane! Pretty pretty necklace! Your blog is a kick! Come visit mine too!

  26. The first year I participated in OWOH I went from blog to blog in a crazy fog. So many to visit and I had to see them all. Now I am selective and go at a slower, more enjoyable pace. I looked at yours because of the great name of the blog. Can visualize your place perfectly as a result. Love the necklace. It was crafted with great care.

    Lorrie Abdo

  27. Thank you for being apart of the OWOH journey! I am meeting so many wonderful bloggers, including you!

  28. Thank you for taking the time to offer this lovely gift and thank you for the opportunity to win!

  29. G'Day from Brisbane! Poppin' in for OWOH event. Pleased to meet you!

    homemakerhoney@ gmail .com

    My OWOH giveaway:

  30. Really pretty necklace! I think I met you during last year's OWOH and love your blog. Don't forget to go sign up for my OWOH giveaway if you haven't already (I'm starting to lose track LOL). Hugs!

  31. Hi from Ky! So many creative bloggers out here! Put me in the pot for your OWOH Door Prize Please! Thanks,Tee

  32. Wow Diane, just look at your blog AND Etsy shop!!!!! The necklace is gorgeous- and I love how you've changed the texture of the necklace from the typical chain- probably feels GREAT against the neck!

    If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll drop by both of my giveaways (at Twigs and Tulle and Kindergarten’s 3 R’s: I’m giving away a mini bunting and some pattern blocks) during this awesome blogging event! Happy OWOH!



  33. Lovely necklace! I don't know if I'll make it to all of them either, but I'm certainly going to try. I hope the links will remain after this is over so I can go back and spend more time.
    Please drop by to see the bead woven necklace I am giving away.

    Jeanie Callaghan

  34. Love the necklace and wish that I could come and grow in your greenhouse as well. We are searching for the right land, but want to live off it simply life you.

  35. Hi Diane!

    Love-love-love that heart necklace! Oh my~~♥
    Thanks for stopping by my OWOH post--sorry it took a while to get back here; was fighting with the leftovers of Old Man Winter and his temper tantrum last night! LOL!
    Hope y'all didn't get it bad.
    Nice blog---love your background and the jewelry pieces. Excellent work!


  36. Wooo love that necklace (and your blog!)! Please put my name in the hat to win!

    Jennifer Hall
    My Email:
    My Blog:

  37. Oh, this is a lovely necklace. Thanks so much for the chance to win it. I hope you are enjoying this OWOH lovefest ! Cheers !

  38. OMG...what a grgeous necklace! Please count me in. I am also participating for the 4th year. What an event! Hugs, Diane

  39. I love your artistic talent and creativity. I've fav'd your shop and am a new follower. I couldn't resist either one. Hope you have oodles of fun during OWOH. I've enjoyed it so much over the years seeing all of the wonderful blogs and meeting everyone. Thanks for your participation in the event.
    visionquest2020 AT msn DOT com

  40. Sounds like a pretty sweet life. Good for you. Please enter my name in the drawing for the great necklace, I'd love to win it. If you are so inclined, drop by my blog #521 and take a gander into my world.

  41. Fab necklace - please include me and do come visit my blog and enter my giveaway if you haven't already - I am #139 - Cheers Britt in Australia :-)

  42. Lovely giveaway... do pop over to mt blog #218

  43. Hi there, so nice to meet you!
    Your giveaway is wonderful and gorgeous, would love to be in with a chance to win!

    Greetings from bonny Scotland.

    PS. If you have a minute and have not already done so, please come and visit mine too:o)

  44. I had to call in to see you - I loved the name of your blog! And when I arrived I found a gorgeous giveaway gift as well - what a bonus! You have created some really lovely individual pieces.

    I am involved in OWOH for the first time. It's great visiting different blogs and finding so many talented people!

    Please visit me (if you haven't already!) at (N° 688 on the list!)


  45. Hello from Thailand! Your blog title is quite catchy and I still can't believe that you're using that as a direction to your house.. :)

    Anyways, I've enjoyed this visit to your blog.. I'm actually trying to lose weight so, I spent a bit more time on the 'low carb' thingy.. :)have a great week ahead!

    Here's my OWOH post..please click here.. :)

    * laetriciajaniel (@) gmail (dot) com

  46. This is such a great necklace! It would look so cute with a white shirt and jeans! Thanks for a fabulous giveaway! jinglesells at gmail dot com #357

  47. Fabulous necklace! I've tried to have a "garden" on my balcony but I haven't been successful. Maybe one day.

  48. That necklace is stunning! I would love to win.

    Come by my blog to enter my OWOH giveaway also. I'm #590.

    Have a grand OWOH journey,
    hoerauf at comcast dot net

  49. :)) I cut and past only link to my blog :)))
    I'm from Russia and my name's Nataly. I like handmade and to sew. These days I prepare my gift for OWOH (got information too late) and I will participate too! :))

    Good luck!

  50. Love the blog name

    Wonderful to visit your blog and meet you. Put my name in your draw, then take a minute to visit my blog, and I will add your name to win one of three prizes.


  51. Hailing you from sunny Arizona. I've enjoyed visiting your blog and learning about you and your art. I hope you’ll visit my blog and signup to win my prizes. Laura

  52. Hi from blissangels and my doggy friends Willow and Acorn...It is wonderful to met you and see the beautiful BLOG...wishing, hoping and dreaming of winning your giveaway…. well more OWOH posts to see. When you get time popped over to see me,#364 the kettle is on. Hugs Wendy

  53. Greetings from Fresno, California :-)
    Please enter me in your drawing for your lovely give-away gift.
    ~Cheryl over @ Artsy Fartsy

  54. Gorgeous necklace. I admire your lifestyle. Lat year I got to every blog. I don't think I will this year.
    Have your best OWOH ever!

  55. You have a wonderful blog, and your necklace is beautiful..I would love the chance at winning!!
    OWOH #502

  56. Have a littlt heart is so lovely. Please include me in your drawing.

  57. Fabulous necklace nice to meet you Thanks for inviting me over:)

  58. Hi Diane, your jewelry is gorgeous, Thanks for sharing, please count me in :)

    Ruth #555

  59. What a wonderful necklace and blog. I'm going back to ck. your old posts to see what I've missed. Thanks so much for visiting mine & for the words of encouragement. Love your lifestyle & am a little jealous of your greenhouse. I'm signing up to be a follower. Jan

  60. Love your necklace - please enter my name in your drawing. Many thanks!

  61. So very nice to meet you, I love visiting all these wonderful blogs and seeing what everyone is working on, there are so many talented people here..

    Please enter my name in your lovely drawing
    Bonnie in Florida

    Visit my blogs
    # 566 and # 567

  62. Your heart necklace is lovely. It was fun visiting your blog, I love that color green in your background its like the sun is shining on those leaves. You make some lovely jewelry, please stop by and see what I love to create if you have time

  63. Hi Im Belinda Nice to meet you .Love your Blog!!
    Please visit mine.My door prize is a OOAK polymer bunting baby
    hugs Belinda

  64. Pretty heart necklace! Happy OWOH, nice to meet you :)

  65. Well, I'd like to have a little heart :) And you know, I ALWAYS turn left at the pigs, and you're never there... lol

  66. Your blog is wonderful, I'm glad to have found it and to have met you on my journey. Hope you have a wonderful time on the OWOH, I know I am. Hugs!

    Vintiquities Workshop
    Creep Softly Studios

  67. Hi Diane,
    I think your necklace is magical and I would love to wear it! You have an amazing talent!
    Thank you so much!
    # 711

  68. Beautiful necklace.
    Please stop by and enter my OWOH! I'm #50!

  69. What a gorgeous necklace! I would love to be entered for a chance to win!

  70. Hi Diane,

    Are you already getting tired of the copy & paste crew? Hah! ;) Well, in a blog event like that, you are bound to come across the same comments over and over again.

    Anyway, your door prize is just lovely -- what a beautiful heart that is! I hope it will go to someone who truly treasures it. :)

    Greetings from Germany,
    # 66

  71. Ciao! I am so happy to meet you today on the wings of OWOH! Thanks for a chance to win your wonderful giveaway - your necklace is beautiful!! Glad to meet you as I take my slow journey around the world...
    Hugs, ♥ ♥ ♥ Antonella ♥ ♥ ♥
    wing stop #153, snowy New Jersey
    Please stop by #153 for a chance to win my giveaway!

  72. We have a lot in common...starting with our name! I am Diane, to craft...LOVE jewelry and eat mostly low carb! lol I lost 24 pounds the last 6 months so I SURE would like to keep it off! LOVE the heart's just what I would enjoy wearing! I'm #389 ! ♥ STOP BY! ♥

  73. Love the heart!!! Please toss my name in the hat.
    Lynn (#65)

  74. Greetings from Wisconsin. It has been so much fun to zip around the world via blogs. I'm glad that the trip brought me to OH. Your blog name sure caught my attention! I really like your work and what a perfect OWOH giveaway. Please stop by my blog OWOH 760.

  75. That is one seriously cool necklace.

    I love seeing all the neat things that people create!

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

    Amy from Pennsylvania (OWOH #520)
    artsyrockerchick at aim dot com

  76. Your jewellery is amazing, I love the necklace that you are giving away. Your other jewellery on etsy is also wonderful, each piece is unique and lovely.

  77. Hello, It's lovely to visit you, Your jewellery is amazing, I would love to own it! pop over and visit my givaway!

  78. Count me in on the lovely giveaway.If I should be the lucky winner just email me through my blog.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  79. Very pretty necklace. My daughter of 16 loves this style.
    Please enter my name in the draw.
    Warm regards,
    Sonja (#785)

  80. Hi Diane, so lovely to meet you! Please add my name for your giveaway, I would so love to win your gorgeous heart necklace:-)

    Make sure you come by and enter my own giveaway if you haven’t done so already!!

    Hugs, PEA from Canada xox

  81. hello from Ohio! It is great getting to know your blog! Your jewelry is just beautiful!
    Gabriela #439

  82. Beautiful heart. Thanks for the chance to win. Please pop over to my blog and enter mine. #636

  83. Beautiful necklace, love the heart w/in a heart theme.

  84. Beautiful jewellery!
    Please count me in on the draw for this fabulous prize.
    Greetings from... Finland,
    number*451* OWOH;-))m

    leikkaan AT

  85. Wow, this necklace is absolutely stunning!!! Please sign me up!

    Please look at my blog for my OWOH giveaway.

    Seattle WA

  86. Hi Diane! A little house in the woods with a garden sounds good to me (although 4 Jack Russels would probably drive me mad!) The necklace you are giving away is beautiful: I like the combination of soft and metallic! Please enter me in your giveaway and if you get the chance, please pop on over to my blog, Lost Coast Post (#455 on the OWOH list)...hope to see you in my corner of the world! Cheers, Michelle

  87. first off...i love the name of your blog. people are always asking me why mine is named "die, adjust or migrate". don't you love having an interesting name that starts conversations? secondly, love the idea of using cement blocks for herbs - not that i have ever successfully grown anything but there is always hope. thirdly, please add me to the draw. love the necklace. really love the one you gave to your friend as well. thanks and have a great week!

  88. Oooooh I'd like to have a little heart...... I've got a thing for hearts :-) ♥♥♥
    My Bday is on Valentine's Day you see......
    I love your blog, but you have to tell me what those pigs are called, 'cause the ones I asked to show me the way, sent me elsewhere first.....
    Maybe they can show you the way to my blog ???
    Please enter me as well.
    #206 on the Flying Wings - OWOH -


  89. Hello from Navada! I love your giveaway! Please count me in! Thank you! Keisha

  90. Hello Diane, We must be just about neighbors if you know where the turn right at the dead skunk in the road is! We are also in the sticks in actually SE Ohio in Hocking County between Logan and Nelsonville. So glad to have met you. Would like to read more about your low carbing and recipes. Bless you for taking in another rescue. We went the other way, we have cats! Your give away is lovely and hope you will join mine too! Wanda #220
    needlewings (at) mac (dot) com

  91. Thank you for for offering this beautiful gift and thank you for the chance to win. Your hard work really shows!

  92. See, even first impression, seeing the name of your blog, told me that this one would be special. And your jewelry is so yummy-funky-cool! Love it!
    It´s been so nice meeting you and your blog :-)
    Have a great week!

  93. Wow what a lovely giveaway! Please add me to the list !Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  94. Hi from Ohio. it's nice to meet you. I love the heart pendant. I make jewelry, but would love to wear your necklace! I'll be back to visit after the event.

  95. your work is beautiful and your offering so lovely!
    please come visit my blog #30 on the list!
    warm hugs & blessings from Montana!

  96. Hi Diane, such a pleasure to visit your blog again on this journey! I love your etsy shop!
    cathyguitarteacher-77 at

  97. I hope you are having as much fun with One World One Heart as I am this year!
    Thanks for the opportunity to come and visit your blog
    If you get a chance stop by my blog and check out my giveaway
    I am number #25
    trinaxxl (at) yahoo (dot) com

  98. Hi Diane! Love your necklace!
    binafan at hotmail dot com

  99. Hello! I am just flying in from OWOH. Please enter my name in your wonderful prize and pop on by my blog if you would like to enter my OWOH giveaway. You are most welcome to visit my blog any time. :) I love visitors. :)


  100. Beautiful work. So nice to see you and your blog on my journey around OWOH 2011. Enjoy the rest of OWOH. Kim (No. 724)

  101. Hola Diane!!
    I'm Gracie, from Mexico city and I would LOVE to live in the woods like you! I like to help others if I can too...mainly because I think that knowledge was made it to share it!! well... excuse me if my english is wrong ok? I have difficults to write in english! =p

    Come to visit me if you haven't already

  102. Your work is beautiful, I can't wait to poke around your blog and your etsy store a bit more. Please do me the kindness of adding my name to your drawing for the lovely necklace. If you have a moment, please stop by my blogs as well. ~mary helen

  103. I love your style, it is so whimsical and ephemeral...And the title of your blog is fabulous- I just LOVE it!
    I would love to give your beautiful necklace a new home :)
    Please stop by and see me too:
    Happy OWOH!
    Stephanie #677

  104. Oh I'm so in love with your pendants!!!!!!

    Please enter me I would be honored to wear one!

    I also love how you describe yourself... : )

  105. Nice Giveaway~Hello from Ontario Canada. Please count me in for your giveaway.

    Please visit my OHOW giveaway:

  106. I would love to win your cool necklace! Please enter me in your drawing, and stop by my blog to enter mine!

    :) Michelle

  107. Love the title of your blog :)
    The pattern on the pendant is lovely.
    OWOH hugs.
    Carol H.

  108. I would love to be included in your wonderful drawing, if you get a chance to stop by my blog is #809

  109. Love your heart pendant!!!! It was so nice to stay awhile and enjoy a coffee with you. If you get the chance I would love you to visit me downunder (Australia) so I can return the favour. #819

  110. "hello, I like your blog, bye" ..... that's it, I'm off now......

    LOL - only kidding!

    I remember your blog from last year's OWOH Diane, such a distinctive blog name, how could I forget! I love the sound of your lifestyle and I love your prize too!
    (sorry, but this next bit IS copied and pasted!)
    I hope you'll stop by and see my giveaways too on my blog.

    Sherry from England, UK

    Good luck - and byee, I really am off now!

  111. Lovely pendant necklace, and I love your blog name too!
    I'm loving OWOH and if you get a chance pop by my giveaway. I have prints of my artwork, jewellery & a tote bag to give away to someone lucky :)

  112. Hi from another Dianne. Your necklace giveaway is sweet!
    Please add my name to your draw and come to my blog-#348 and add your name there if you wish. Thanks and Good Luck!

  113. Lovely!
    I'm offering as well though just sent in my info today but here's me and I hope to be listed as soon as Lisa gets to it :-)

  114. Hello Fellow Low-Carb Queen :)
    Strolling thru OWOH...and I love that necklace! Please count me in!


  115. love the heart. please count me in. I can be reached at beenebag(at)yahoo(dot)com

    take care

  116. Hello from Oregon! Thanks for inviting me to peek around your blog and enter your giveaway. Your necklace is so pretty. Thanks for the chance to win.
    I would love it if you could find time to come to my blog and enter for my door prize also.
    :) Gale

  117. its a lovely heart necklace! Happy owoh!

  118. Oh is that EVER BEAUTIFUL! Would love to win it! Crossing my fingers!

    Rayna - Minnesota
    northstarshetlands AT
    OWOH blogger #836

  119. Your life sounds special, fulfilling but also hard. Thanks for the lovely necklace.

  120. You have a very warm and inviting blog. I really enjoyed the visit and laughed at your blog name. Your jewelry is to die for. Please enter me in your giveaway and visit me, if you haven't already. I'm number 11 and my information is on my profile page.

  121. Hi Diane,

    thanks for sharing your words, thoughts and creations with us.. Love the heart necklace. Count me in...I'm rambling away at 662 - call by!


  122. Oh my goodness... that is so beautiful! What a talented designer you are! Glad to meet you on my journey around OWOH!

    thecreatorspalette at gmail dot com
    #14 "Melanie's Journey"

  123. Beautiful necklace- I would love a chance to win it. Please add my name to your generous offer and come visit mine at lucky #777 on the ever growing list.

  124. Wow this is just lovely. I love the name of your blog

    chocolate and croissants at yahoo . com

  125. ... I can ** heartly ** wait.. such a lovely give-a-way.. thanks for the opportunity

  126. lovely prize

  127. Hi Diane,
    What a gorgeous necklace you've created for your giveaway! All of your work is beautiful. I especially like the piece, Early, that you made for your friend.
    Happy OWOH!

  128. Greetings from Louisville, KY – USA
    Nice to meet you and visit your blog.
    Winning your give away would be awesome!
    Thanks for including me in your drawing..Come visit me, I am playing too.

  129. Greetings from western North Carolina.
    You have an awesome blog and giveaway. I am having such fun checking out all of the OWOH participant's blogs.

  130. Hello from NY. What an amazing giveaway.I have 4 dogs too a chihuahua, mini pincer, pointer and a welsh corgi. Thank you for adding my name to your giveaway.

  131. so nice to meet you through this event. hoping you'll stop by my blog to say hi too. So very nice to see all of the creativity across blogland and to meet new people.

  132. Isn’t this fun? I just love OWOH! Thank you for participating… please count me in for your terrific giveaway. If you get a chance, I hope you’ll visit me too (if you haven’t already).

    Beckie =)
    artbeckons at hotmail dot com
    San Diego, California, USA

    OWOH #119
    OWOH #132

  133. Hello Diane... love your gorgeous work.. please count me in with your beautiful pendant it !!!

    Hugs from Australia...
    Jenny x

  134. Very pretty pendant!
    :-) Gina

  135. Oh wow!!! Love this!!! Thanks for the chance at your doorprize!
    Stop by my giveaway as well.

  136. Please enter me in your OWOH Giveaway! If I am the winner, you can contact me at Take a moment to visit my blog and enter my OWOH Giveaway at


  137. hello! i would be delighted to win your giveaway! it is such a beautiful necklace. if you haven't yet, i hope you can drop by my blog at (#544) and join my OWOH giveaway. blessings from peggyapl(at)!

  138. Lovely to meet you, Diane :)
    That necklace is beautiful. I love mixed media/assemblage art jewelry. Your shop has so many gorgeous pieces.
    Thank you for participating in OWOH 2011. I hope you get a chance to pop by my blog, #51, on your journey.
    hugs from ON, Canada

  139. Diane, Hi from Colorado, love this OWOH meet and greet. Beautiful necklace. Come for a visit sometime. Leslie

  140. Your jewelry is fabulous. I love, love your beautiful heart necklace. The fibers look wonderful with the chain. Thanks for the chance to win!

  141. Such a pretty nice to meet you :) Take care, Michelle of HippieDog #15

  142. A wonderful necklace your giving away. Thanks for sharing your work. Please include me in your blog.
    Come visit me at

    Thanks Teri

  143. Greetings from Clovis, California
    I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog and your work is wonderful! Stop by and visit mine, if you haven’t already, for a chance to win my door prize. In the meantime, I hope this journey is as fun for you as it is for me.
    Best, Holly
    My blog:

  144. your work is just beautiful! i'm so amazed by your creativity and vision! thanks for being a part of OWOH so that we could find you!

    i would very much enjoy winning your beautiful heart necklace! it would look fantastic hanging in my studio until just the right lady came along to enhance it with her own personal beauty!

    i hope you will have a chance to stop by my blog and enter my give away, too!

    joe in montana

  145. Stunning! And, totally my taste....

    Warm blessings,

  146. A heart is a very special gift, especially for the last OWOH-tour. Please count me in.

    Greetings from the Netherlands, Miriam #781

  147. Greetings from Ipswich, MA
    I'm glad to meet you. I'm #509

    I'm a jewelry artist, watercolor painter, and over all creative adventurer! And...I'd be honored to have you follow my blog!

    Lovely gift. I loved the description of where you live. It does sound like a piece of heaven. Please enter me into the OWOH drawing. Thanks!

    I hope you get to visit my blog, too. I'm giving away a shabby chic denim necklace. Come any time to chat.

    Hugs¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´Linda L

  148. Thank you for the chance to enter your lovely giveaway!

  149. Love it! So pretty :)

  150. Hi Diane,
    I do love your blog- it is always and interesting place to stop and visit. You have created a wonderful heart for OWOH.
    Hope you are having a fun OWOH experience.
    Warmest regards,

  151. Hi and greetings to you from Australia! Thank you for sharing with us on the OWOH trip. I would love to win, please count me in! It's a beautiful piece you created! I now follow your blog, and will enjoy visiting to see all your crafty exploits. I hope you will visit me, I am OWOH 248!
    hugs and blessings,
    My OWOH blogpost
    Email me!

  152. Hi Diane, so nice to get to know you! We have a lot in common. I live down a mostly dirt road with no sign, have a greenhouse and live in the boonies only I'm in Indiana. Thankfully the pigs are gone... peeee-uuuuu!!

    I've got one pet peeve about this introduction thing. Many of the participants aren't telling us their name! (but not you ;) ) Glad to meet ya Diane! I'm doing a bit of the pet peeve you've got and that's copying and pasting. But I'm only doing it for my closing... forgive me. I tend to write a book anyway. I am enjoying the blogs I'm able to get to, but I spend so much time on them that I'm moving kinda slow. Did you know Lisa is having a new version of this next year? Go check out her blog again if you didn't know!

    Won't you please come and sign up for my give away, too? I also will be having another giveaway on my blog after the OWOH that you might be interested in... tune in :)

    Happy Creating!
    Jaime #29
    Indiana, USA

  153. Lovely blog and lovely giveaways…I hope I win. Love the little heart necklace...I can see me wearing it.
    Carolyn Kight Michigan USA
    My blogs in OWOH

    another email (I like this one the best.)

  154. Hello from beautiful NW Arkansas! It's nice meeting you! Please enter me in your fantastic giveaway and be sure to enter mine, too (if you haven't already.) #215 on the list.

    Warmest Regards,

    Wanda Eash
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  155. Hello Diane and greetings from Virginia. Your necklace is absolutely beautiful. Please throw my name in the hat for a chance to win such a lovely gift.

    I would love for you to hop on over to my blog for a visit. I am #78 on the OWOH participant list.

  156. Your heart necklace is gorgeous! The winner will be soo lucky, and I hope it will be me! Of course... ;)

    Please come and visit my blog too if you didn´t do it already! Thank you :)

    Warm regards
    Susan, nr 471

  157. Greetings from the Philippines!What a special piece of jewelry this is! Patsy.paterno (at) from

  158. Hello are very blessed to live in the woods, I love being in nature. Your pendant is so pretty...Please enter me into your draw! So nice to meet you here through OWOH! I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog , too:-)


  159. A heart within a heart, how beautiful! I also love the rest of the necklace, the ribbon you have used, it finishes the whole thing off so beautifully. Thanks for the chance of winning it. Liz (831)

  160. Beautiful necklace! I love the addition of the ribbon.
    Please include me in your draw.

    Ducky Doo
    (just replace AT with @ and DOT with . I do this to dodge email grabbing internet bots)

  161. Hi, it's wonderful to meet you through this lovely event. I'd love for my name to be entered into your giveaway. Thank you in advance and have a wonderful day. :-) I'm off now to look at more of your blog!


  162. Hello from Cody, Wyoming, USA. I enjoyed visiting your blog and getting to know a bit about you. I am having a ball participating in OWOH - isn't this fun! Thanks for the chance to win your lovely necklace!
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    If you haven't done so yet, please stop by and enter these giveaways too.
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  164. From the Florida Gulf Coast
    I am entering for my daughter Melanie, she had wanted to participate in this year's event, but a fire changed her plans... I thought I would surprise her and do this for her..
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  165. Hi Diane, I would love to win your beautifully handcrafted necklace. How sweet! Please visit my blog, too. I am the author of "16 x MOM: A Mastery of Motherhood." I am giving away my book and a couple of laminated 4 leaf clovers.

  166. Your jewellery is stunning, I especially like how well the dark material/ribbon goes with the hearts.

  167. Such a beautiful necklace - thank you for the chance to win :)

    Please feel free to drop by my OWOH post too :)

    OWOH #365

  168. Hi, It's lovely to meet you via OWOH. What a gorgeous necklace. Please count me in. ~Michelle, OWOH #598

  169. Greetings from NY! Lovely heart pendant (and artwork:) Please count me in and enjoy your flight. Patricia OWOH #498

  170. Hi Diane
    Hello from New York! Your hear in a heart necklace is beautiful It's nice to find your blog through OWOH. The name of it made me smile. I like Jack Russell terriers --thye are very clever and agile dogs!

    My e-mail address is in my blog profile. I'd be thrilled to be your winner!


    My OWOH give away:

  171. Beautiful necklace! I would just love to win it. I'm enjoying checking out your blog and your art.

  172. Hello, Diane
    What a sweet giveaway!
    I can be found at Cloth and Clay doll ning site; MAIDA doll ning site with Dixie Redmond who has perfected a reproduction Izannah Walker doll in one of her online workshops.
    Thank you for entering me in your lovely giveaway.
    Teresa in California

  173. I would be honored to win.

    isstephanie at yahoo dot com

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  174. Hello and it is wonderful to meet you. I loved taking a little visit through your blog and hope to come back for more. I would love to be part of your OWOH giveaway. So exciting. Please do drop in for a visit with me during your journey.
    wishes and whimsy
    Wendy from Wonderland

  175. It's great to meet you, and Erma too! Love your jewelry designs, and the earring cards too! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday.

  176. okay added you to my etsy the new lucite earrings AND the way you packaged them...are you selling the metal head ones, cuz really like those too...

  177. What a beauty your necklace is! Thank you for your generosity! I hope you are enjoying your OWOH travels! Please stop by my blog to say "hello" and enter my giveaway if you are interested. I'm Beka from California, by the way! ;p


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