Friday, May 14, 2010

Still Alive

Oh Internet, I am so sorry for not being around lately. A lot is going on this time of year and we have a new member of the family, so I have not been typing much.

I do have some pictures to show you and that will have to do for now, but I promise to return soon.

Teddy .

Teddy, Ricky Pickles and Mikey in their poopin' pen, they have a pet door
on the screened porch to go to their pen so they can go out at night to do
their thing.

Ricky Pickles posing.

These two big leafed plants are wild rhubarb. I did not plant them, a birdie
did it for me.

That Brown door goes into my studio, we will be building a small deck
next week in front of that door so I can paint outside.

These are leeks left from last winter.

Foxgloves and hyssop.

Iris I planted last year.

Potatoes I grow in bags.


The Clematis has totally covered St. Francis.

Poppy, I planted this 4 years ago.

Poppy plant.

Teddy loves his new Dad.

Just plain wore each other out.

Teddy is happy to be home.


  1. Teddy is absolutely gorgeous and very lucky to have a new forever home where he can snuggle up.
    Ricky and Mikey are just so precious too !

  2. You do have a lot going on over there! Oh my goodness. What a cutie pie doggie and your plant life is amazing!

  3. I'd say you have a little slice of Heaven. Your flowers are beautiful. Potatoes in a bag...I need to know more. :D Loved the photos and your newest family member!

  4. Your dogs are so cute and love the coloring on Teddy. What a lucky boy he is to have found such a great family!

  5. Your poopies are just too cute! I wish that I worked at home so I could have more than one!


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