Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ricky Pickles gherkins removed. Getting ANOTHER JRT !

Last Monday Ricky Pickles went under the knife and they took out his little gherkins. He wasn't happy about being at the vets. After thoroughly giving the nurse Holly all the Hell he could muster (wagging his tail the whole time) he allowed her to take him to "the back".
I hate the sound of that. You know back where all the "stuff" happens.

We dropped him off at 8 am. and I called at noon to check on him. He was awake and Holly told me she had never seen a dog look sadder than when he woke up and we were not there. She said we could pick him up after 3:30.

We both went in to get him, although I am the only one who did the dropping off. I think it was a guy thing. Larry did not want to be in on sending Ricky to "the back".

When we went into the "sleeping it off" area, there he was, in a cage, sitting on a blanket. Looking like he did not have a friend in the world. Then he looked over and saw us and his little face lit up.
He slept the whole way home just about and Jack and Mikey were very glad to see him.

Yesterday was a bad day though, he threw up the night before and laid around all day. I called the vet and she said it might be some gas buildup as he was crying a little when he would go up and down stairs and when I went to put him down off my lap. So we gave hime a tiny bit of pepto and he is a lot better today. Ran after his teddy bear about 10 times through the house.

So while I was talking to the vet I mentioned that we have the 3 of these guys and she asked if we would want one more......ACKKKK!!!!!
I said "my husband would kill me, tell me more". She said "Teddy" is a short legged JRT that has a little problemo with small children. And is 10 months old, White with red hair on his head, neutered, short haired, a total sweetie that loves to give kisses. His owners have a small child and just did not have time to help him get over the jealousy thing.
I said I would mention it to Larry but I could make no promises.
I kiddingly said to Larry "well, the vet tried to pawn another dog on us, but I said you would kill me if I said we would take it". And I started to walk away......
"what kind of dog"?
"oh, a jack russell, very sweet she said, I'm starting dinner now".
"wait a minute, how old is the dog"?

Well it went on from there, and we are picking him up tomorrow. Good thing we just bought 250 feet of new fence.
These are pictures of Teddy from the rescue site. His owners brought him in and asked that he be put down if the vet could not find a home for him.


  1. Yea for Teddy, aww for Ricky, Yea for Diane. Kudos for Larry!

    are you keeping Teddy's name?
    How is Ricky doing now?

    How is EVERYONE??

  2. Kind of like Lays potato chips.... you can't stop at one, or two or.....

    Every time I go to the animal shelter where my daughter works they try to get me to take a cat home! Thats how I got a house full to begin with :)

    You are so sweet to rescue the little guy!


  3. Teddy is a lucky boy. And I bet you will be glad to get the fence up for those little guys to run around in.

  4. Oh, poor Ricky -- but what a consolation prize -- a new friend! I can't wait to hear more trials and tribulations of the Jack Russels!

  5. Poor little dude. I'm sure Ted is excited to be with a bunch of new crazy brothers!

  6. Cute puppy! How's he getting along with the other dogs?

    Also just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU! My Stevia all natural soda arrived today!!! I won it thru one of your give-a-ways and it was the best surprise!!! Tastes GREAT!! I'M hooked!


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