Saturday, January 16, 2010

Little Ricky Pickles 1st Snow

Little Ricky has gotten a name addition. My daughter said he looks like a "Mister Pickles" so we started calling him Ricky Pickles.

He is now believed to have some retriever somewhere along his lineage as he brings you all his toys to throw. He will start with his little teddy bear, if he gets no response from you he will then go get an old necktie that has a bunch of knots tied into it. If you still do not respond he will start bringing the raw hide bones, I think these are to bribe you into playing.

All of a sudden, you'll look down and there will be toys and bones all around your feet and he's sitting there, with that infamous Jack Russell stare. As soon as you look at him a big bark comes out and he grabs a toy and lays it in your lap. If you do start throwing, be prepared to be in it for the long haul.
His favorite game is you throw, he retrieves, you go to throw but he does NOT let go and a great time is had engaging in tug-o-war until he lets you have it. Then it starts over. He's a great growler and sounds extremely ferocious. Kind of a cross between Wolfman Jack and the Tasmanian Devil.

It snowed quite a bit here last week so I got him out in the yard and took some pictures.

He keeps us all laughing.


  1. I love that little black tail!! Adorable.

  2. He looks a little like a cross between my two dogs. I have a white german shepherd male and a female terrier mix! And I used to have a cat that was white with a black tail! She had one black ear too. Anyway, dogs are so funny! And fun.

  3. I am still laughing at the photos of this little guy and at your description of his antics. He's a sweetheart and such a character. Thanks so much for sharing. You are obviously a dog am I.

  4. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

    Ricky Pickles is one adorable pup!

  5. he is cute, is he part albino? red eyes? the tail and nose make him adorable!!


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