Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Won the Warmest Mittens and I Love Them.

I like to sew, but I have not been sewing in quite awhile. But I am getting ready to get back into it, so I have been wandering around the web looking at sewing blogs.

A while back I came across a blog , Sew Glamorous, and I thought "wow, this is a sweet blog about someone who hand makes a lot of different things and posts about them". I also fell in love with this bag....
Photo from Sew Glamorous
But alas, I found her blog after the giveaway for it.


Photo from Sew Glamorous

Angie posted about how she hated making them. It was a pain and that they came out not feeling right to her and that she wanted to give them away to anyone who wanted these p.i.t.a mittens.
She also said they were extremely warm....mmmmm....warrrrmmmmm.
I am a sucker for warm when it comes to my circulation challenged hands.
So I entered....and I won. ( I was the only entrant on her blog, not sure if anyone else did on her facebook, poor mittens)
But na na na naaaa. I won and I love them. I have never had a warmer pair of anything on my hands.
Thank you Angie.
I Love hand-made recycled stuff.

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  1. I am so glad that you are able to use the mittens! Thanks for posting about me and following my blog. You made me blush a little. :)


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