Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some pics

Have not felt like blogging lately but wanted to post some catch up pics.

This is some flowering tobacco that smells so sweet. Hard to believe its tobacco. I'm planting a bunch of it next year for an all white, silver and blue evening garden.

These are some Glad bulbs I got from Bulbs Direct. They have some great deals and free shipping. Their bulbs are always good ones.

I kept this little guy alive and in leaf all winter and it bloomed so nice this summer in the greenhouse, in constant bloom. Tuberous Begonia.

I kept this Lantana alive all winter in the house. I love it, the colors are gorgeous.

Cukes,tomatoes and yellow squash in the greenhouse.

3 Very Good Boys

Dahlia from Bulbs Direct

Castor Plant I'm planting a lot more of these next year. I have not seen a mole tunnel in 2 months. And I love the way they look so tropical here in Ohio.

He is getting bigger. And he is totally crazy. Non-stop. Loves to play and drives Larry nuts, grabbing his feet and the bottom of his pant legs. He loves to eat and goes into a frenzy when fed. I have to feed him in bites or he wolfs it down and gets the hiccups. We call him 'little ricky' now. Well, we had "Jackee and Mikee", so "Rickee" just fit better. He knows his name. He can come in the pet door but is reluctant to go out it, so I have to push him out, then he pushes his nose against it to come back in.


  1. Those flowers are beautiful!! Last of the season?


  2. I hope to have more flowers before winter.
    The Dahlias are still going and maybe the Iris will bloom I put in this past spring.
    Thanks for your visit.

  3. Oh! Your little pooches are adorable! How old is Little Ricky?

  4. I love the flowers! How old are your dogs? They are so cute! we don't know anyone with a Jack Russell. I wonder if they ever calm down. Our Jack Russell dog is a sleek coat and he thinks he is the king of the yard. lol

  5. Jack is about 6. The people we got him from said he was about 2 when we got him.
    Mikey is 2 and little crazy, I mean rickey, is about 12 weeks now.

    Jack is pretty calm, he has his "wild hair up his butt" moments though.


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