Sunday, May 24, 2009

Well I'm finally here in Blog Land

I'm sure I'll be doing alot of stumbling around trying to get the hang of it.

So I suppose I will have to find out how to link to other blogs to actually have someone other than Larry (DH) read this. And that will be fun, but first I must get a few posts up so there is something to actually read.

The name of this Blog "Turn left at the pigs..." comes from the original directions we got when coming to look at this land when we were shopping for a place to settle.
There was no street sign on the road we had to turn left on, but there was a fenced in pigpen right there. Still no "official" sign there, but there is a hand painted wooden board nailed to a fence post.
And that's fine with us. Larry has even included something about it in a song he wrote.

So I will be sharing a bit of our home life with you, as we believe that we live a good life out here in the woods and that during these times and actually all times living frugally is it's own reward in so many ways.

We built our house (about 1000 sq. ft.) for under 8,000 bucks. By going to salvage yards, barn sales, construction dumpsters, demolision sites, the dump and watching for sales at home improvement stores.
It helped that Larry knows about electrical wiring and worked with his brother, an electrician, when they were younger. He knows water seeks its own level and poop flows downhill.
We also found a part of the country where no building permits are required and no building inspectors take your money for telling you how high to build your front steps.
This was important to us as we believe in small government and that people should leave each other the hell alone.

So here is a pic of what our 4 hands came up with...

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