Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Strawberries MMMMM...

One of my favorite things about summer.

And nothing compares to picking them from your own garden.
Did you know that on the list of the most sprayed fruits and vegetables these little lovelies are way up there?
Like little sponges they are. So it is far better to buy them from a local organic or without pesticide farm stand. I say "without pesticide" because the "powers that think they be" have deemed it nearly impossible for small farmers to pay to be certified organic. Even though they may be in every sense of the word, they cannot legally label themselves or their produce as "Organic". However, they can say they are pesticide and herbicide free.
So go and yak it up at the local farm market or roadside stand, or find a CSA farm and support those growing locally, they are doing us all a favor.

Okay, so here is my answer to those supermarket,factory farm, or overseas (who knows what they are spraying them with) strawberries....


This is a bed Larry and I built out of 4 old lawn timbers, some scrap 2x4's, galvanized nails, hardware cloth (for the moles and voles), straw, and shredded pine bark mulch. Oh, and a little Hollytone organic fertilizer stirred in.
24 strawberry plants that came very late from Autumn Ridge Nursery. They were running behind so it took me 3 weeks to get them. But they are here and I soaked them in some kelp tea then put them to bed. Of course all buds should be cut off the first year so they do not produce but I bet I will cheat and let one plant have at least a few small berries.....

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