Saturday, October 3, 2009

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Please, please, please! If you are entering a contest or giveaway, read the rules. I am on my second giveaway and during my first one and also on this one, there have been people who have entered and either not read the rules thoroughly or do not understand on how to set up their own blogger account and have their profile set up with an email addy.
And just because you have left a comment, it does NOT mean you now follow my blog.
You must go over to the side bar and press buttons to now be a follower of my blog.
I had a couple who set up blogger accounts and no profile was made so if they HAD WON, I would not be able to contact them as there was no email addy in their comment. I recieve a copy of each comment sent to my email account, but if there is no profile made for you, then there is no return address on the email I receive.
Luckily,none of this affected the outcome of my first giveaway. But I have no way to contact these commenters to help them fix their contact info and they may be out there in bloggoville, happily commenting on others blogs with stars in their eyes and fingers that are crossed in the hopes of winning a prize that will never come.

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